Saturday, September 24, 2011

Is This the Way to Muir Woods?

The plan was to bike from our flat in North Beach to Muir Woods. Never mind that a younger and fitter couple titled their blog about that particular ride "To Hell and Back." We're experienced bikers. We've biked over the Golden Gate Bridge a dozen times. We even biked all the way down the coast to San Luis Obispo this summer. So we suited up and started off.

The first stop, though, was a little sooner than we expected. It was COLD outside, foggy and damp, and as we headed towards Fisherman's Wharf (about 10 blocks from our house), the siren song of the Buena Vista--the cafe that claims to have invented the Irish Coffee--called to me. "I bet you know what I'm thinking," I said to Ace as we pedaled past. He did.

These weren't all for me.

After a pit stop, we headed down to Aquatic Park to take a look at the swimmers. "One of these days," I keep telling myself, "I'm going to get into that water, too." But not today.

Swimmers on the steps of Aquatic Park beneath Ghiradelli Square

After climbing the hill that overlooks Fort Mason, we coasted down to Marina Green. We had to stop there to take a picture in front of the St. Francis Yacht Club, because that's where we embarked 28 years ago today to get married on a boat on the Bay.

Twenty-eight years later, a little the worse for wear, in front of St. Francis Yacht Club.

After that it was smooth cycling until the steep approach to the Golden Gate Bridge, where Ace suddenly broke a spoke. His back wheel wobbled so badly we had to turn around and head back. He was able to ride his crippled bike most of the way, but on one downhill slope, we thought we'd better walk.

Above the Broadway tunnel. That's the Bay Bridge in the distance.

It's a good thing we live where we do, because there's a bicycle shop right across the street--Cykel. Ace knew he could drop off his wheel for rebuilding, and carry his bike's carcass home. Before we got there, though, we stumbled across a blues band playing on Polk Street. So instead of hiking through the redwoods on our anniversary, I ended up dancing in the streets.

Worked for me! :)

Home sweet home.

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