Monday, September 5, 2011

I Shouldn't Have Brought $100 to the SF Zinefest!

Fun and frivolity at the bike culture table. The sign in the upper right says "Safe Space for Wingnuts."

There were WAY too many cute and interesting things to purchase there. I wanted to get some book binding ideas for my son, the poet, and I did. I bought a tiny origami book for $1, and a large hand-made book with a cloth cover that was bound with gold ribbon in the ancient Japanese "stabbed binding" technique for $28. (Ouch!) I even saw a book that was sewn together with a sewing machine. (Demo only. Lucky for me.)

As to the zines themselves, who can resist putting money in the quiet, unassuming hands of penniless writers? I came home with half a dozen of them. (Zines. Not writers.) My favorite has to be Shards of Glass in Your Eye by a woman named Kari Tervo who lives in LA. Here's one of her "homeopathic cures" listed on the inside cover: "For Naivete: Place a magical amulet under your pillow. It will strengthen your critical thinking skills."

The two men at the door as we walked in were selling "30-Second Typewriter Stories." That's the second typewriter I've seen at a public event in the last week. Now I'm glad I didn't throw out my mom's old Royal with the chickenscratch font. Who knows? I might need to make a living with it some day.

I stoically resisted paying this young man $1 for a "30-Second Typewriter Story." Then I gave him $3 for his comic book.

The cute gal in the top picture was (wo)manning a "bike culture" table. (Who knew bike culture was related to independent publishing?) The sign over her head said "Safe Space for Wingnuts." She submitted that saying to SF Zinefest for the event tee-shirt, but it wasn't selected. Still, she had lots of cool stuff. I thought I was done spending when I walked by her table. I couldn't resist making one last purchase. I bought the sticker below for my husband.

The fest will be back next year. To contact the organizers, try

I'm not sure my husband likes the sticker I bought him. Maybe it's more of a girl's sticker...


  1. Now I am thinking about how delightful it would be to read a short story about bringing home half a dozen writers. Your adventures are inspiring!

  2. Thank you, J to the Ill! I'm enjoying blogging about them. It's a new world for writers. Now we can publish our work without having to get by any gatekeepers. This makes me happy. :)

  3. omg! I'm so jazzed that you liked my zine, Shards of Glass In Your Eye! #5. Thanks for the mention. #6 was published in February. Let me know if you want a copy! Thanks again, it's always such a thrill to know someone digs your stuff.