Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sista Monica and More at the Fillmore Jazz Fest

We bussed over to the Fillmore Jazz Fest the other day, and came upon this freelancer playing music with just an ipad plugged into an amplifier. Percussion is provided by a tapdancer on a piece of plywood. How cool is that?! I wish I could tell you the name of the duo. A woman standing nearby was holding up CDs, but I didn't buy one. I DID drop a couple bucks in the box, though. Everyone should support street music!

After that we saw the band from St. John Coltrane African Orthodox Church. This is an actual church with services every Sunday at 1286 Fillmore, on the corner of Eddy. "It must be an ecstatic church," my friend Kim said, since the purpose seemed to be to bring people to a state of ecstasy through music. There were several saxophones, each taking a turn at soloing, and three women singing the Lord's Prayer and other religious texts. You can learn a bit more about this wildly unorthodox, orthodox church HERE.

We stayed at the Eddy Street Stage for the next act--Sista Monica, who belted out a blend of gospel, soul, funk, and R&B. This woman was hot! EVERYONE was dancing. I think I burned 2300 calories moving to her music! :) So fun. She mentioned an upcoming date at Biscuits and Blues on Mason Street Sept. 8. I'm hoping to go. Her website is HERE. Here's a little taste of her stuff:

The guy in the red baseball cap outside the barrier on the left got on the dance floor later. He took off his black jacket and OMG, was he ripped! This guy definitely puts some time in at the gym. He had on a skin-tight red spandex top, bright red clogs, the red ballcap, tight jeans, and a diamond-studded belt buckle of a panther. Quite a sight. Only in San Francisco. You can get an idea of Sista Monica's personality in this short clip. I would have taken more, but I was too busy dancing. I've already got the Fillmore Jazz Festival on my calendar for next year. I'm definitely going back.

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