Friday, April 3, 2015

Incidental Blessings

When we first moved back to SF, I rode my bike to the CalTrain station at 4th and Townsend with Ace three days a week, took it down the Peninsula to San Mateo, then biked from the train to my work at a high school. The train ride was pleasant and stress free, and the atmosphere in the bike car super fun, making me feel part of a community of cool bike-riding people, mostly younger and hipper than I. 

But eventually I got lazy, and returned to driving my car. Sometimes I feel guilty for taking this less ecological mode of transportation, and sometimes I reconsider my choice, like when I'm caught in one of the frequent traffic jams downtown. 

But other times, on the occasional blessed morning, driving southbound beside the Bay on Highway 101, I look out my window and see this.

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